FDA Academy e-Nroll (E-Course Registration)

 How to:

  1. Email a duly accomplished COURSE REGISTRATION FORM between 08:00 am-11:00 am to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. containing the following:
    • Body of email:
      • Type of Course:
      • Name of Applicant: Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial
      • Company(ies):
    • (Attachments):
      • b. 2 x 2 picture with name tag (jpg format)
      • c. Authorization_letter.pdf (for QPIRA applicants ONLY)
  2. Guidelines in filling-up the E-COURSE REGISTRATION FORM (COURSE REGISTRATION_FORM.pdf):
    1. Fill in the required information in ALL CAPS. Boxes with red asterisk (*) are mandatory fields.
    2. Tick the appropriate box under the Type of Course. ONLY one course is allowed per email.
    3. DO NOT RENAME THE FORM, make sure that the form maintains its correct filename (COURSE REGISTRATION_FORM.pdf, Authorization_letter.pdf)
    4. DO NOT MISSPELL ANY ENTRY. The name submitted will be reflected exactly on the certificates.
    5. Make sure to input the appropriate e-mail address in the COURSE REGISTRATION FORM under PERSONAL DATA (COURSEREGISTRATION_FORM.pdf). This email address shall be the recipient of FDA replies during the registration process. If possible, the email address of the sender should be the same as the email address entered under the PERSONAL DATA.
  3. A system-generated email shall be sent to indicate receipt of the application. All applications received from 11:00 AM onwards will be processed the following day.
  4. The application will undergo verification process.
    1. For approved application a system-generated reply containing the COURSE REGISTRATION ASSESSMENT FORM will be sent electronically.
    2. For disapproved application a system-generated reply indicating the reason will be sent. The applicant will need to re-start the application process.
  5. Pay the corresponding fee at the FDA Cashier. The ASSESSMENT FORM shall be valid only for 5 working days from the time it is sent. Failure to pay within 5 working days will automatically cancel your application and a new registration form must be submitted.
  6. The original receipt (OR) must be emailed back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. replying to the same email thread during the process.
    1. The original receipt (OR) sent within five (5) days will receive a CONFIRMATION SLIP granted on the date specified on the application.
    2. The original receipt (OR) NOT sent within five (5) days may be rescheduled on the next available course date.
  7. Bring a copy of the confirmation slip on the day(s) of the course. A confirmation slip is required for attendance and release of certificates. 


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