Drug Manufacturers with Valid CGMP

101 SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS INC. Finished pharmaceutical products 30 Jan 2013 valid 1/30/2014
ACE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. Household Remedies (Cream, Lotion, Ointment  & Solution); Non-Sterile: Non-Penicillin   (Capsule, Drops, Granules for Suspension & Syrup) Non-Sterile: Penicillin (Capsule, Powder for Suspension & Suspension) 05 Feb 2013 valid 1/1/2015
ACME GAS CORPORATION Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 8/5/2013 valid 3/19/2015
AERO-PACK INDUSTRIES, INC. Finished pharmaceutical products 7/19/2013 valid 7/19/2014
AIR LIQUIDE PHILS., INC. Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 6/25/2013 valid 3/3/2014
AIR LIQUIDE PHILS., INC. Non-Penicillin ( tablet, capsule & liquid dosage forms) 5/17/2013 valid 1/2/2014
ALYSONS CHEMICAL ENTERPRISES INC. Pharmaceutical Raw Materials & Excipients 9/30/2013 valid 9/4/2015
AM-EUROPHARMA CORPORATION-BRANCH Cephalosporin (Capsule & Powder for Suspension); Non-Penicillin (Capsule, Liquid Drops, Powder for Suspension, Syrup & Tablet) 8/6/2013 valid 1/9/2014
AMHERST LABORATORIES, INC. Non-Penicillin Non Sterile (Capsules, Creams, Ointments, Powder for Suspension, Tablets, Suspension, Suppositories); Non-Penicillin Non-Sterile Veterinary Products (Capsules & Tablets) 8/27/2013 valid 3/8/2014
AMHERST LABORATORIES, INC. Non-penicillin finished pharmaceutical products (primary and secondary packaging) 6/4/2013 valid 11/11/2014
AMHERST PARENTERALS, INC. Small and Large Volume Parenterals;  Small volume parenterals Veterinary Products 9/30/2013 valid 5/20/2014


Non-Penicillin - Methisoprinol Tablet & Syrup Traditional Herbal Medicine - Lagundi & Sambong  (Tablet & Liquid Syrup) Non-Penicillin (Vet) Tablet, Syrups and Suspensions Medicated Veterinary Shampoo 1/15/2015 valid 6/25/2016
ARVET CHEM LABORATORIES,  INC. Veterinary products - Non-Sterile Penicillin & Non-Penicillin Dry Products (Tablet & Capsule) 10/17/2013 valid 2/9/2014
ASHFORD PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORIES,INC. Non-sterile Non-Penicillin (Liquid, Tablet, , Capsule, Ointment & Suspension); Sterile Preparation (Creams, Ointment, Ophthalmic/Otic Solutions and Small Volume Parenterals) 15 Jan 2013 valid 1/27/2015 (REISSUED 2/19/2013)
ASIA PACIFIC HEALTHCARE LABORATORIES CORP. Non-Penicillin (Tablet, Capsule, Powder for Suspension and Liquid Dosage Forms) 11/7/2013 valid 3/10/2015
ASIAN ANTIBIOTICS, INC. Cephalosporin (Capsules & Powders/Granules for Reconstitution)/Penicillin (Capsules, Tablets, Granules/Powders for Reconstitution)/Steroid (Creams, Ointments & Tablets) 7/16/2013 valid 7/14/2014
ASO PHILIPPINES, INC. Household remedies (Adhesive Bandage with Salicylic Acid (Corn Plaster) 9/28/2012 valid 9/11/2014
ATGAS TRADERS Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 9/12/2013 valid 9/8/2015
B.Q. GASES Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 25 June 2013 valid 2/26/2015
BACOLOD OXYGEN ACETYLENE GAS CORPORATION Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 5/28/2013 valid 7/20/2014
BAUCH PHILS. LABORATORIES CORP. Non-Penicillin (capsule & tablet) 9/6/2013 valid 6/10/2015
BAXTER HEALTHCARE PHILIPPINES, INC. Sterile Large Volume Parenteral Solutions, Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions & Non-Sterile Hemodialysis Solutions 5/17/2013 valid 4/23/2014
BAYER PHILIPPINES, INC. Solution,  Oral Solution, Solution for Injection; Suspension & Tablet (repacking only) 11 Mar 2013 valid   8/26/2015
BEAUCHE INTERNATIONAL BY CONCHITA INC. Medicated Astringent Solution; Medicaqted Cream 5 Feb 2013 valid 6/25/2015
BENEHEIM VENTURES CORPORATION Medicated Soap/Lotion/Creams; Veterinary Soap 7/3/2013 valid 7/23/2014
BEST DRUG INDUSTRIES, INC. Small & Large Volume Parenterals - Sterile Preparations 7/8/2013 valid 3/24/2015
BLOOMING FIELDS PHILS., INC. Non-Penicillin (Capsule, Soft Gel Capsule, Tablet) (repacking only) 28 Nov 2012 valid 4/11/ 2014 (reisued 10/2/2013)
CAGAYAN DE ORO GAS CORPORATION Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 27 Nov 2012 valid 3/23/2014
CALOOCAN GAS CORPORATION Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 6/19/2013 valid 6/19/2014
CALOOCAN GAS CORPORATION Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 21 Nov 2012 valid 9/08/2014
CEBU PREMIER INDUSTRIAL GASES CORPORATION Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 06 Mar 2013 valid 4/03/2015
CENTRAL GAS CORPORATION Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 8/8/2013 valid 3/23/2015
COSPACHEM PRODUCTS LABORATORIES Household Remedies - Liniment, Vaporizing Ointment 16 April 2013 valid 8/01/2014
CROMA MEDIC, INC. Non-Penicillin (Capsules, Creams, Tablets & Solution for Injection); Non-Penicillin (Capsules & Tablets) 03 May 2013 valid 3/10/2015
D. LIBUNAO GAS MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 10/8/2013 valid 1/31/2015
DIAMOND LABORATORIES INC. Non-Penicillin (Capsules, Tablets, Suspension & Syrups); Cefalexin (Capsule & Powder for Suspension); Penicillin (Capsules & Powders for Suspension) 04 Apr 2013 valid 3/20/2015
DRUGMAKER'S LABORATORIES, INC. Cephalosporin - Capsule form in strip seal and blister pack and Granules for Suspension in amber bottles Non-Penicillin - Liquid- Suspension & Syrup Form; Capsule form in soft & hard gelatin capsules in strips seal/blister  packs; soft gelatin capsule in plastic bottle; Tablets - steroid, non- steroidal products in blister & strip foil packs Oral Rehdyration Salts Powder;  Penicillin - Capsule form in strip seal & blister pack; Granules for Suspension in amber bottles 12 Feb 2013 valid 12/31/2013 (re-issued 6/6/2013)
EAST ASIA LABORATORIES, INC. Non-Penicillin Veterinary Products - tablet, capsule & water soluble powder; liquid solution and suspension; Penicillin Veterinary Products - tablet, capsule & water soluble powder 7/9/2013 valid 7/9/2014
EL LABORATORIES, INC. Non-Penicillin (Sterile Products: Solution for Inhalation, Ophthalmic & Otic Solution & Injectable in Vials);  Non-Penicillin (Hard Gel Capsule, Tablet, Suspension, Syrup & Nasal Solution); Cephalosporin (Hard Gel Capsule, Oral, Drops, Granules for Suspension & Tablet) 27 Nov 2012 valid 10/21/2014
EURO-MED LABORATORIES PHIL., INC. Non-Penicillin (tablets, liquid, I.V. Fluids and external preparations) 28 May 2013 valid 4/04/2014
EURO-MED LABORATORIES PHIL., INC. Small and large volume parenterals solution; Peritoneal dialysis solutions, Irrigating solutions, Ophthalmic Solutions & Solution for Inhalation 8/6/2013 valid 9/6/2014
FAST SERVICES CORPORATION Finished pharmaceutical products 11/6/2013 valid 11/6/2014
GETZ BROS. PHILIPPINES, INC. Finished pharmaceutical products 03 May 2013 valid 5/04/2015
GOODREAMS PRINTERS CORPORATION Finished pharmaceutical products 6/4/2013 valid 8/17/2014
GREATSTAR LABORATORIES Household Remedies (solution, oil, ointment, lotion) 11/27/2013 valid 7/30/2015
GREENSTONE PHARMACEUTICAL H.K., INC. Medicated Oil/Ointment 11/27/2013 valid 9/3/2015
GRUPPO MEDICA, INC. Non-Penicillin - Capsule /Liquid (Suspension & Syrup) and Topical Solution; Veterinary Products - Capsule/Liquid (Solution, Suspension, Syrup) & Spray Solution 08 May 2013 valid 03 Mar 2014
HING WAH PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORY Medicated Creams and Ointments 28 Jan 2013 valid 12/2/2014
HIZON LABORATORIES, INC. Cefalexin & Penicillin (Capsule, Granules, Powder for Suspension) 3 Jan 2013 valid 2/21/2015 (reissued 10/2/2013)
HIZON LABORATORIES, INC. Non-Penicillin, Non-Sterile - Liquid preparation (Suspension and Syrup); Non-Penicillin, Non-Sterile - Oral (Capsule, Powder for Suspension); Small Volume Parenterals; Traditional Medicine (Syrup & Tablet) 08 Feb 2013 valid 7/26/2014 (reissued 7/1/2013)
INGASCO,  INCORPORATED Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 6/4/2013 valid 3/1/2014
INGASCO, INC. Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 18 March 2013 valid 20 Aug 2014
INTERCHEMEX LABORATORIES, INC. Non-Penicillin (Capsules, Tablets, Liquid/Syrups & Susp) 9/18/2012 valid   6/30/2014
INTER-MANUFACTURING SYNERGIES CORP. Finished pharmaceutical products 11/13/2013 valid 9/5/2014
INTERNATIONAL PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. Household Remedies (Ointment, Solution, Lotion, Creams, Balm, Medicated Soap) 7/16/2013 valid 7/18/2014
INTERPHIL LABORATORIES,  INC. Cephalosporin & Penicillin (Capsule, Powder for suspension, tablet) 1/16/2012 valid 3/23/14 reissued 8/16/2013
INTERPHIL LABORATORIES, INC. Non-Penicillin (Syrup, Tablet, Capsule, Cream, Ointment, Granules for Oral Suspension, Steroid Cream and Suppositories) 8/16/2013 valid 2/21/2014
I-PRINT LABELS AND PACKAGING CORPORATION Finished pharmaceutical products 7/3/2013 Valid 7/3/2014
J.M. TOLMANN LABORATORIES, INC. Non-Penicillin (Capsules, Suspensions, Syrups & Tablets); Penicillin (Capsules & Powders for Suspension); Cephalosporin (Capsule & Powder for Suspension) 9/6/2013 valid 6/17/2015
JELMA PHILIPPINES, INC. Medicinal Oil (White Flower Oil) 6/27/2013 valid 3/6/2014
KOHL INDUSTRIES CORPORATION Household Remedies - solution (Isopropyl & Ethyl Alcohol 70%) 01/ Jan 2013 valid 5/13/2014
LA CROESUS PHARMA, INC. Non-penicillin (capsule, liquid dosage forms & tablet);Penicillin (capsule & powder for suspension); Herbal Medicines (Lagundi, Sambong)-tablet; Veterinary products (powder & tablet) 3/16/2012 (REISSUED 5/31/2012) valid 3/16/2013
LEJAL LABORATORIES, INC. Non-Penicillin (Capsule, Tablet, Syrup & Suspension); Household Remedies (Solution, Medicated Lotion) 10/8/2013 valid 1/21/2015
LF (PHILIPPINES), INC. Finished pharmaceutical products 18 Dec 2012 valid 12/18/2013
LINDE PHILIPPINES (SOUTH), INC Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 7/11/2013 valid 7/9/2015
LINDE PHILIPPINES (SOUTH), INC. Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 10/31/2013 valid 7/14/2015
LINDE PHILIPPINES (SOUTH), INC. Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 7/3/2013 valid 6/23/2015
LINDE PHILIPPINES (SOUTH), INC. Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 10/31/2013 valid 7/14/2015
LINDE PHILIPPINES, INC. Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 15 Jan 2013 valid 1/25/2015
LLOYD LABORATORIES, INC. Antibacterial powder and gel; Antifungal solution; Cold Rub;Cephalosporin (capsule, tablet, powder & granules for suspension); Non-Penicillin (syrup, suspension, plain and coated tablet, capsule, cream, ointment, powder & granules for suspension, dry powder inhalation & nasal spray solution); Penicillin (capsule, tablet, powder & granules for suspension); Steroid Products (plain & coated tablet, ointment, cream, liquid-syrup & suspension); Non-Penicillin Bulk Liquid for Aerosol Spray (Wound Dressing, Diclofenac 1%, Povidone Iodine, Pain Reliever); Sterile Products - Non-Penicillin 23 April 2013 valid 7/26/2014 (reissued 11/14/2013)
LORENZO C. REYES LABORATORY, INC.. Medicated Soap and Medicated Ointment 20 Nov 2012 valid 1/20/2014
LUMAR PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORY Non-Penicillin/Penicillin/Cefalexin (Suspensions, Syrups, Tablets, Capsules, Powders/Granules For Suspension) 10/8/2013 valid 9/30/2015
M.M. LEDESMA LABORATORIES Household Remedies (Solution/Ointment/Oil/Lotion, Cream/Gel) 21 Dec 2012 valid 6/21/2014
MANUFACTURING SERVICES & TRADE CORPORATION Medicated Soap 8/13/2013 valid 3/15/2015
MEDGEN LABORATORIES, INC. Non-Penicillin (Liquid/Syrup/Suspension, Capsules and Tablets) Penicillin (Capsules, Drops and Powder for Suspension) 19 Nov 2012 valid 12/15/2013
MEDI-RX, INC. Non-Sterile, Cephalosporin - Capsule and Powder for Suspension;
Non-Sterile, Non-Penicillin - Capsule, Syrup and Suspension; Non-
Sterile, Penicillin - Capsule and Powder for Suspension
3/11/2013 valid 5/18/2014
MEPZ MIXED GASES CORPORATION Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 2/12/2013 valid 6/18/2014
MEYERS PHARMACEUTICALS (PHIL.), INC. Non-Penicillin (Liquid form) 11/14/2013 valid 11/28/2015
MICAGAS INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 6/19/2013 falid 6/19/2015
MULTI GAS CORPORATION Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 10/8/2013 valid 1/23/2015
NEGROS A-1 GAS Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 7/22/2013 valid 2/16/2015
NEOBLAZE CORPORATION Finished pharmaceutical products 3/05/2013 valid 9/13/2014
NEW MYREX  LABORATORIES, INC. Cephalosporin (Capsule & Powder for Suspension) Non-Penicillin (Capsule, Liquids, Powder for Suspension & Tablet) 5/14/2013 valid 4/26/ 2015
NEW PRIME GAS, INC. Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 2/01/2013 valid 4/28/2014
NORTHFIELD LABORATORIES, INC. Herbal Medicines ( tablet, syrup-lagundi, sambong; tea -senna
leaves+green tea, tsaang-gubat); Non-Penicillin (capsule, soft gel
capsule, caplet, tablet/coated tablet, liquid-syrup & powder in
sachet); Non-Penicillin (tablet, capsule, water soluble powder,
suspension, solution) - Veterinary products
4/02/2013 valid 12/20/2013 (reissued 7/1/2013)
OCEAN DEEP INDUSTRIES Household Remedies (70% Ethyl and Isopropyl Alcohol) 2/13/2013 valid 2/13/2014
ORO OXYGEN CORPORATION Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 2/15/2013 valid 3/03/2015
PAGODA PHILIPPINES, INC. 70% Isopropyl & Ethyl Alcohol 11/27/2013 valid 3/19/2015
PASCUAL LABORATORIES, INC. Non-Penicillin Non-sterile (Capsules, Creams, Liquid, Ointments & Tablets) 11/8/2013 vfalid. 7/29/2015
PENTAGON GAS CORPORATION Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 6/28/2013 valid 6/15/2014
PHARMATECHNICA LABORATORY, INC Non-Penicillin (Capsule, Tablet, Suspension & Syrup); Penicillin (Capsule, Granules for  Suspension & Powder for Oral Drops) 10/2/2013 valid 6/30/2014
PHILIPPINE INSTITUTE OF TRADITIONAL & ALTERNATIVE HEALTH CARE Traditional Herbal Medicines 8/5/2013 valid 9/6/2014
PILIPINAS KAO, INC. Raw Materials (Glycerin) 1/21/2013 valid 7/10/2014
PREMIUM GASES CORPORATION Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 10/31/2013  valid 4/26/2015
PROGRESSIVE LABORATORIES Non-Penicillin - Water Soluble Powder, Powder, Liquid (Oral Solution), Tablet 4/16/2013 valid 5/28/2015
PRYCE GASES, INCORPORATED - BRANCH Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 11/27/2013 valid 2/24/2014
PRYCE GASES, INC. (NEGROS OCCIDENTAL BR.) Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 2/15/2013 valid 9/9/2014
PRYCE GASES, INC. (CEBU BRANCH) Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 11/28/2013 valid 2/16/2016
REFINETTE COSMETIC INDUSTRY Dermatological Products - Retinoic Acid/Hydroquinone (solution, cream, lotion) 11/7/2013 valid 11/7/2014
SAN MARINO LABORATORIES CORPORATION Non-Penicillin (Capsule/Liquid/Tablet) 2/27/2013 valid 5/11/2014
SCC INNOVASIA INC. Isopropyl Alcohol 70%, Headlice Treatment Shampoo (Pyrethrine), Hair Grower Toner with 3% minoxidil 7/11/2013 valid 6/9/2015
SCC INNOVASIA INC. Chlorhexidine Digluconate (Feminine Wash) 9/26/2012 valid 1/27/2014
SCHENKER PHILIPPINES, INC. Finished pharmaceutical products 5/28/2013 valid 5/28/2014
SINGAPORE PHARMAWEALTH LIFESCIENCES, INC. Anesthetic Inhalations, Cefalosporin (Sterile Powder for Injection),
Penicillin Non-Sterile (Capsule, Powder for Oral Suspension,
Penicillin Sterile (Powder for Injection)
9/11/2012 valid 5/31/2014 reissued 6/25/2013
SKIN SCIENCES LABORATORY, INC. Clindamycin/Retinoic Astringent (Superskin 1, 2 & 3) 5/08/2013 valid 12/07/2014
SMITHKLINE BEECHAM Non-Penicillin (capsule, tablet, syrup, suspension, cream & ointment) 10/2/2013 valid 2/6/2015
SOLID GAS, INCORPORATED Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 01 Feb 2013 valid 17 Feb 2015
SPLASH CORPORATION External Preparations (Solutions and Creams); Household Remedy (70% Ethyl Alcohol Solution) 3/25/2013 valid 2/22/2015
SQUARE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. Anesthetic Inhalations, Cefalosporin (Sterile Powder for Injection),
Penicillin Non-Sterile (Capsule, Powder for Oral Suspension,
Penicillin Sterile (Powder for Injection)
3/14/2013 valid 4/10/2015
ST. MARTIN PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORY Non-Sterile Non-Penicillin (Tablets, Capsules, Syrups & Suspensions) 11/13/2013 valid 3/25/2014
SWISSPHARMA RESEARCH LABORATORIES, INC. External Preparations (70% Alcohol, Gel, Liniment,
Lotion, Cream, Ointment and Solution); Non-Penicillin;
(Tablet, Coated Tablets, Liquid/Suspension, Capsule,  Antiseptic
Feminine Wash and Suppositories); Dog Shampoo
5/22/2013 valid 5/9/2014 (Reissued 6/25/2013)
SYDENHAM LABORATORIES, INC. Cephalosporin   (Capsule & Powder for Suspension),    Non-Penicillin
(Liquid/Syrup, Suspension, Tablet, Capsule), Penicillin (Capsule &
Powder for Suspension); Hormone product (Levothyroxine Sodium
5/28/2013 valid 4/25/2015
TAIYO NIPPON SANSO PHILIPPINES, INC. Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 10/22/2013 valid 10/22/2014
TELSTAR MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Galenicals; Non-penicillin (capsule/tablet - repacking only) 7/31/2013 valid 2/14/2014
THE ROGEMSON COMPANY, INC. Household Remedies (70% Ethyl & Isopropyl Alcohol) 2/19/2013 valid 12/15/2014
UNITED INDUSTRIAL GASES, INC. Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 09/17/2012 valid 30/9/2014
UNITED LABORATORIES, INC. Non-Sterile Non-Penicillin   (Capsules, Tablets  and Liquid Dosage forms) 30 Jan 2013 valid 06 Feb 2014 (reissued 9/16/2013)
VIRGO PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORY Non-Penicillin (Capsule, Suspension, Syrup & Tablet)  Household Remedies/Galenicals (Ointment & Solution) 8/27/2013 valid 2/3/2014
VONWELT INC. Non-penicillin - tablet, capsule & liquid (elixir, syrup & suspension) 11/7/2013 valid 1/10/2015
YSS LABORATORIES COMPANY, INC. Penicillin and Penicillin Derivatives (Sterile Powder for Injections) 7/26/2012 valid 7/26/2013 reissued 4/29/2013
ZAMBOANGA ACETYLENE AND GAS CO. INC. Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 2/05/2013 valid 8/05/2015
ZEAL CRAFT INC. Finished pharmaceutical products 6/25/2013 valid 7/13/2014
ZOMEDEL GAS CENTER & GEN. MDSE.-PAMPLONA BRANCH Medicinal Gas (Oxygen) 6/4/2013 valid 6/19/2014
ZUELLIG PHARMA CORPORATION Finished pharmaceutical products 12/18/2012 valid 7/14/2014


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