FDA airs warning anew Versus peddlers of unregistered Herbal products


SEPT. 22, 2018

FDA airs warning anew Versus peddlers of unregistered Herbal products

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently aired anew a warning to the public against alleged medicinal herbal products claiming to heal deadly diseases including cancer, particularly those that do not have certificates of product registration (CPR) issued by the agency.

The FDA issued the warning following reports that a recently raided pharmacy in clinic in Central Luzon have been telling its patrons through social media that a recently-conducted raid by the FDA “did not follow due process”.

“This is clearly an attempt to use social media bashing to hide the fact that the supposed health products being sold in that facility are not registered,” FDA Director-General Nela Charade Puno said.

“It is the mandate of the FDA and its responsibility to the public to stop the sale of such unregistered products, particularly those that are claimed to have healing properties for diseases such as cancer,” she explained.

At a recent operation against the Tarlac-based clinic owned by a certain Farah Bunch, the FDA regulatory enforcement team led by retired Police Chief Superintendent Allen Bantolo seized more than P800 thousand worth of unregistered health products being offered for sale in the facility’s pharmacy.

The FDA padlocked the pharmacy in the aftermath of the raid.

According to Puno, the sale of unregistered health products is illegal and may pose serious risk to users.

“The claim that these supposed health products are natural and herbal does not automatically guarantee safety and efficacy,” Puno pointed out.

“That is the reason for the strict product certification process of the FDA – the ensure that those who use these products obtain the benefits claimed by such products,” she added.

Puno lamented insinuations posted in the clinic’s social media profile that the FDA is against natural medicine and did not follow due process in the implementation of the raid against the facility.

“On the contrary, the FDA is committed to help the herbal supplement sector grow and protect its reputation,” she explained.

“The strict application of FDA rules in the herbal supplement sector is meant to weed out unsafe and bogus products that prey on the desperation of ailing people,” she added.

Puno lamented the accusations of the clinic owner, noting that she herself “is a victim of cancer”.

“I know how a cancer patient feels,” she said. “I know that a cancer victim will go for anything that promises healing and this makes the patient more vulnerable to the unverified claims from supposed natural herbal products,” she added.

“The fact that the products in that Tarlac-based clinic do not have the proper product registration certificates is proof that their claims are unverified, unproven and untested,” she pointed.

“The owner of that clinic must not mislead cancer patients relying on her promises of healing by concealing the fact that the products are not certified by accusing FDA of being unfair,” Puno said.

Puno said social media bashing “will not stop the FDA from fulfilling its mandate to protect the public’s health and well-being”.

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